With acknowledging the fact that in several Member States Covid-19 cases have increased significantly since the beginning of summer, we also must declare that the restrictions some Members States put in place have not been in line with the actual risk level. Such as closing the Hungarian borders at time of low infection rates.

The four freedoms, including the free movement of people, goods and services are essential for a well-functioning internal market. Uncoordinated, unilateral decisions of the Member States are strongly fragmenting the internal market. We cannot expect from citizens or businesses to be able to comply with so diverse measures (such as quarantine for 7, 10 or 14 days; different traveller locator forms; different country ‘colours’; different measures on mask use obligations etc.). Especially when those are also rapidly changing and not always announced well in advance.

Beside preserving the integrity of the internal market and also the Schengen area we need:

– to harmonize restrictive measures, based on data provided by ECDC,

– common colour code and regional approach at risk mapping,

– mutual recognition of PCR results in Member States,

– a harmonized ‘EU traveller locator form’ and

– to rebuild trust between Member States.