I am very happy that the European Parliament participates in the Gold September campaign. This is a campaign, which draws attention to children and young people fighting cancer. We had all the EP buildings lit in golden colour and that was a very strong symbolic act. With this act, we want to express our solidarity and support to children and adolescents fighting cancer, their families, cancer survivals and all healthcare professionals.

I am also very pleased that the European Parliament has decided to launch a special committee on beating cancer and I am honoured to be able to work in this committee as a member of the S&D Group. Main focus will be put on prevention, research, on supporting non-profit clinical trials and access to treatment. All these are important elements because cancer is a disease that can affect us all.

Every year, more than 35.000 children are diagnosed with cancer in Europe. Although the average survival rate at five years is 80 %, there are significant differences between European countries due to unequal access to care and expertise. Therefore, we must work on beating cancer in Europe.