My plenary speech on the promised revision of the EU animal welfare legislation and the animal welfare-related European citizens’ initiatives

For many years, European citizens have been asking for a revision of the EU animal welfare legislation.

84% of Europeans believe that the welfare of farmed animals should be better protected.

90% consider that farming and breeding practices should meet basic ethical requirements.

At the same time, millions of signatures have been collected for the Citizens’ Initiatives ‘End the Cage Age’ and ‘Fur Free Europe’.

The message that citizens are sending us is clear: the current EU animal welfare situation must change.

It is regrettable that the Commission has failed to implement such important instruments of participatory democracy and that has prioritized business’ interests.

The way we treat animals mirrors the kind of humans we are; animal welfare is essential for a civilized, healthy and sustainable society and the EU needs to push for the highest possible standards.

Time is running out. It is time for the Commission to deliver on their promises.

And to conclude I would like to pay tribute to my friend Tilly Metz and all the colleagues who participated in the inquiry committee on the protection of animal during transport.