My Plenary speech on the debate on Empowering consumers for the green transition:

Consumers and their choices play a central role in the green transition and in boosting the circular economy.

Indeed, many want to consume more sustainably.

However, in many ways, the odds have been against them.

A bewildering jungle of labels and dubious environmental claims, products designed to have a limited lifespan, or a lack of information about the reparability of products have meant that consumers have found it difficult to make greener choices and contribute meaningfully to the green transition.

We as the S&D have long advocated measures to counter such unfair commercial practices.

And this directive is a game changer.

It will, for example, strengthen the credibility, transparency and monitoring of labels to avoid green- and social washing.

It equally proposes strong measures to tackle early obsolescence and provides more information to consumers about their rights under the legal guarantee of products.

With this directive, we empower Europeans to choose products that are more durable, repairable, and sustainable.

It is emblematic of how the EU can benefit Europeans in their everyday lives.