My written statement on the plenary debate on the fight against the resurgence of neo-fascism in Europe, also based on the parade that took place in Rome on 7 January:

The images of the parade in Rome, in which participants gave fascist salutes, conjured up memories of a dark past.

We are witnessing an alarming resurgence of extreme-right parties and organisations espousing neo-fascist ideas, both in the streets and in the ballots, threatening our democracies.

As a continent ravaged by fascist ideologies and subsequently united by the ideas and values of human rights and dignity, solidarity, and equality, we should know better.

And yet, fascism has not lost its attraction.

In these uncertain times of massive change and upheaval, neo-fascists are alluring people with simple solutions and hollow promises.

We must resolutely fight these ideas, morally and politically.

We must denounce their moral bankruptcy. They are the anti-thesis to everything the EU stands for!

Member States should ban neo-fascist and neo-nazi groups and systematically prosecute far-right violence.

And we must address the problems that drive people to embrace these neo-fascist ideas.

We must fight poverty and inequalities by reinforcing the Social Union, and ensure that the climate and digital transitions are socially just. We also need to strengthen our Union of equality.

Neo-fascists do not have real solutions. We must demonstrate that we do.