Dear President, Dear Commissioner, Dear Colleagues,

We Socialists and Democrats welcome the new UNAIDS global strategy ending inequalities; ending HIV AIDS.

This new approach under the leadership of UNAIDS Executive Director Winnie BYANYIMA underlines the synergies and links that exist between HIV AIDS and the 17 SDG’s.

To win the battle against AIDS we need progress in all 17 SDG’s.

As Parliamentarian but also an activist since the 80’s and UNAIDS CHAMPION I remind that we must not forget key and vulnerable populations, such as

Prisoners, Drug users, Sex workers, Men having sex with men, Transgender persons, Young women and girls, Victims of sexual abuse.

We need to tackle key population-specific challenges!

For this, we need to call on all stakeholders worldwide to step up their efforts to encourage their governments to recognize and reach out to all key populations in full respect of their human rights and dignity.

To end AIDS by 2030 we need sustainable funding, I call on the Commission and all 27 Member States, to invest in global Health, please support UNAIDS and the GLOBAL FUND and all projects strengthening community health workers and projects empowering women and girls by good access to education and teaching them about their sexual and reproductive rights!

We can end HIV AIDS as a global health threat by 2030 …so let’s make it happen!

Thank you to the rapporteur Tobé and all those who worked on this fantastic resolution.