In the context of the 2020 REPORT of the EUROPEAN OMBUDSMAN activities, I want to thank Emily O’Reilly and her office for the fight for full transparency.

Transparency and information strengthen the rights of EU citizens. Let me remind that without access to documents there is no information!

Giving access to documents increases the accountability of all EU institutions.

The Council has the worst record of transparency.

We as European Parliament must continue to combine our pressure together with the European Ombudsman, National Parliaments and CSO’s to change this!

Council transparency is nothing abstract it is also a demand of the Citizens.
This becomes very clear in the citizens recommendations in the framework of the COFE.

EU Transparency law is now over 20 years old, dates from a pre- social media and pre -smartphone era and needs to be modernised and adapted. The Commissions must adapt Regulation 1049 from the year 2001!

Let me end by thanking our European Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly for being a real influencer of change.
My thanks also go to our Petition Committee Rapporteur Eleonora Evi and all shadow rapporteurs!