“Finding an agreement and a common answer to an unprecedented crisis in Europe is good news, yes the deal is historic, but only the part of the recovery fund, NEXT GENERATION EU which includes a big part of grants and also communitarization of debt! This is solidarity and a better answer to a crisis than in 2008!

However when  it comes to  the MFF, which is supposed to make Europe fitter, climatefriendlier , more resilient and more social for the next generations to come, this deal is not historic!

We cannot accept the cuts in future oriented EU programs. Especially those dealing with health, research and resilience!

We cannot and will not accept the watering down of the Rule of law and therefore it is good that in our resolution we add Fundamental Rights and Democracy!

I also regret than that rebates have not been abolished. Here the Council missed an opportunity to move us out of the net payer discussion in Europe. Europe is more than giving and taking!

Today, we as Members of the EP, the only directly elected EU institution, write history too by voting in favor of this resolution, where we welcome the recovery fund but clearly state that this MFF is not enough! Not enough from a financial point of view but also not enough with regard to the protection of the values that found our Union!

This Parliament will not swallow bitter pills! Europe deserves more“

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