While negotiating the MFF and the Recovery Fund, this Parliament stayed strong and didn’t allow itself to be blackmailed by some autocratic governments neither so-called frugal governments.

This shows how crucial it is, that the EP has its say on the MFF.

The concrete roadmap on new own resources is the merit of this high house, this will allow our budget not to relay too heavily on contributions from MS, which would continue to divide our Union  into net payers and net receivers.

As a member of the S&D I’m especially pleased that Own Resources like FTT and a corporate tax base assure that everybody pays its fair share to the recovery of our Union.

Moreover, it was again the EP that insisted on linking European funds to the respect of the rule of law principle and our common fundamental values.

Still I think it is not enough in its current form, but it is for sure a good first step to ensure conditionality that after all, 70% of our citizens consider to be crucial.

This MFF and the Recovery Fund will prevent us from going back to business as usual,  in the contrary it will help Europe to become more resilient, sustainable, gender balanced and inclusive.

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