Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen have invited EU Heads of State or Government, EU institutions, social partners and other key stakeholders to a Social Summit in Porto on 7 May 2021. Two years after Porto it’s time to reiterated the relevance of the social objectives set in Porto and the need to continue implementing them by adopting a resolution on a ‘Roadmap on a Social Europe’ in the European Parliament.

The Porto Summit defined three main social targets by 2030: minimum 78% employment rate in the EU, at least 60% of adults in training courses every year, and reducing the number of people at risk of social exclusion or poverty by at least 15 million, including five million children. This is not enough.  The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament are calling for more targets, such as quality job creation, at least 80% collective bargaining coverage by 2030, zero deaths at work, and the eradication of homelessness by 2030.

Watch my plenary speech on the Roadmap on a Social Europe here below.