This historic Directive introducing adequate minimum wages and strengthening collective bargaining in Europe is a very important step towards a more social Europe.

My political family, the Group of Socialists and Democrats, we do not stand alone in this fight.

We have the Trade Unions on our side, but not only them. We have the citizens on our side. In recent Eurobarometer polls, this is proven. And also the participants in COFOE want a more stronger social Europe.

24 million citizens will directly benefit from this Directive, and Commissioner you are right to mention the essential workers, many of them women, they deserve it.

Let us not forget that adequate minimum, strong collective bargaining, and strong Trade Unions are crucial elements of any recovery strategy.

They are tools to fight against social dumping, they are tools to fight against wage dumping, and they are tools to reach upward conversions in Europe.

And all this is not only good for the people but it is also good for the economy.

Now it is important that the Member states will swiftly transpose and implement this directive.

Many thanks to all who participate in this important work.